Protecting the Environment

Don't know what to do with your used pallets?

We do!  At PRS-SA, we have enviromentally responsible solutions in place for those pallets.  In many cases, this can also result in cost savings for you and your company too!

Pallets are on their way to being one of the world's most recycled items. Not only are many companies getting credit from shareholders for recycling, many companies are actually saving money by recycling their used pallets, or by reconditioning their pallets as they become damaged which extends their life usage.

Disposal and Recycling
We can pick up your unwanted and undesirable pallets upon request and free up the valuable space they take up at your facility.  100% of those unwanted pallets will be recycled into remanufactured pallets, wood chips and scrap metal.

Typically, we can remove your unwanted pallets for less money than a dumpster, and you can rest assured that all of the materials will be recycled.

Repair and Reconditioning
Pallets that are broken, but still usable can be picked up, inspected for wear, repaired to your specification and then delivered back to you for considerably less money than you would pay to replace them.

Pallets are durable, re-usable resources, and we can help you get the most for your pallet dollar by putting your used pallets back into circulation.

What’s a great example of environmental responsibility?

Buying remanufactured pallets built from pallets destined for the landfill.

When your pallets have met their life expectancy or don't fit your operations anymore, we can recycle them into parts for other pallets or wood chips, which are usable in a variety of ways.

Pallet recycling is responsible for taking millions of wood pallets and over a billion board feet of lumber out of the waste stream each year, substantially reducing the burden on landfills.

Recycling is making pallet disposal easier and better for the environment. According to a study by the Department of Wood Science and Forest Products at Virginia Tech, the facts about wood pallet recycling are very encouraging.

• In a recent year, the pallet industry received an estimated 83.3 million pallets for repair and recycling.

• Of the nearly two billion board feet of lumber received for recycling in one year, 1.24 billion board feet were reused to make pallets.

• 62% of all pallets received for recycling were repaired and reused. Another 14.9% required no repair and were simply reused.

• An estimated 125.3 million board feet of lumber from used pallets and pallet parts were processed to create new products from the resulting wood fiber.